Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing- It’s time to get local

Local Search Marketing is a search marketing strategy that optimizes your website in the correct manner so that it ranks highly for location based search queries, Making sure that your website appears and ranks well on the search engines local maps, Promote your company on a local level using social media platforms.

Local marketing is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing and has a number of key benefits for your business. Local search is the next online rush for marketing. Most of the searches have local keywords and even more searches have local intent.

Searches on Google every day returns around 800 million search results to consumers seeking information, products and services, and it's growing. Local Internet marketing uniquely links the searching consumer with location, contact and website details.

Why local search marketing?

You need to ensure that your businessis represented by searches. Better still what difference would it make to your business if you could target more of these searches.

Local searches can be targeted through:

Local internet marketing is ideal for businesses that serve the consumer, especially the retail and hospitality sectors.

Search engines continue to focus more and more on personalization; their services also become more geographically localized. That’s why to rank your website for globally important keywords, it’s also important to have an appropriate local search marketing strategy that targets local searches.

This is particularly true if your business has a physical location that caters to a specific geographic location because you need to be competitive for local searches that target your business parts.

Is Local Search Marketing valuable?

Earlier we focus only on global search traffic. Due to the rise in mobile computing and the accompanying emphasis on personalized and geographically sensitive search results, local search marketing should play an important role in your overall search engine marketing strategy.

For business which has physical location, it is necessary that you pay attention to local search marketing best practices. Many local searches on Google return Google Places results.

Your chances of getting noticed are much greater if your business shows up in that Google place. The good news is that there are strategies available for increasing your chances of showing up in that first set of results.

70% of people online are shopping for local products and services. With smart mobile phone usage booming this is going to increase and further reinforce the importance of local search.

Local search marketing is a critical aspect of search engine optimization for retail stores, doctors, restaurants, hotels and more. For businesses that are not so locally focused like large B2Bs, local search marketing is still an important customer touch point since vendors, customers, partners and potential employees will likely be looking to get directions to your office. A bad experience can quickly erode brand affinity.

Local Search Marketing contains:

Local search marketing activities that are typically included in a local search marketing strategy are:

We have developed a comprehensive approach to ensuring that all the bases are covered when it comes to local search. This means first understanding your business and competition. We then work with you to develop a local search marketing strategy, which includes the following components:

There are literally hundreds of factors that determine your company’s position in local search rankings. We stay abreast of these factors and continuously update our local search marketing approach to match the latest trends. As our customer, you will be able to take advantage of this invaluable knowledge.